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The Blackboard (Deluxe Edition)

by Supastition

Intro: (We welcome to the stage at this time... the wonderful) It’s Supastition. I’m back on my 1,2 yo.. to show you how this emcee shit goes I gotta school these fools, man. Y’all got me feeling hungry again... and back in my zone. This one’s for NC. Rik Marvel, let’s rock. Verse one: I’m gone start it off with a dangerous intro no better way to get you reacquainted with your kinfolk it’s something dope to bump in your residential and perfect timing, ‘cause the music industry’s been slow I’m at the blackboard trying to move back towards that golden season, the reason I used to rap for I’m warming up, I ain’t get loose in a minute I run the new and old school, I’m like the superintendant I hope my talent trickles down to future Supa descendants I never had to act a fool just for boosting my image I’m so official, gone blow in this bitch like match lit fuel you spit bull over beats more fit for Pitbull let’s get it straight my mark in the game’s already I’m marvelous, you couldn’t carve a niche with a machete blade I’m steady played by DJs who carry heavy crates in every state, they recognize dope I’m just a better grade the love is unanimous, no amateur shenanigans for song listens, I see long distance as a Canon lense or Nikon, I’m rap’s lifelong icon... if you ain’t digging Supa, you ain’t heard me on the right song like Guru told us, man it’s mostly the voice so I’m the posterboy for dope shit the culture enjoys I’m co-sign by the greatest plus local endorsed now who’s Carolina’s illest? this ain’t multiple choice... it’s Supastition Chorus: (scratched by DJ Faust and DJ Shortee) “I was blessed with the talent” “classics, backseat banging ass Blackboard hip hop” “I’m at the blackboard” “I speak from the soul” “take the world by storm” “I was blessed with the talent” “classics, backseat banging ass Blackboard hip hop” “class is in session” “I speak from the soul” “take the world by storm” Verse two: I’m so sharp, I sets it off so fresh of course like Joe Clark, teaching lessons with excessive force I’m professor Moye, speak with an aggressive voice watch the room clap for this boom bap refresher course these corny industry fools tried to section us off I’mma fill up their swimming pools with electrical cords for shock value... I’ll beat the Pac out of you and ‘father whoop’ niggas in boxers and old house shoes you ain’t rowdy at all, you’re just loud and mouthing off only talk about it, bath towel soft as Pau Gasol blow the powder off these rappers stuck in infancy. short temper? me? I come back with a fucking infantry I’m deadly as the weaponry that a regime brings so if my words were bullets then I would pull it from a hundred miles away and still hit a spot on your jean seams or shoot the soul patch off of Bruce Springsteen so hats off to the rap boss from Greenville from shows to passports, everything seems filled a handsome fella, hell I’m known to make the queens squeal ironically they wanna marry me just off my single my supreme skills always get support on wax I stand behind every offensive line like quarterbacks this is sort of that lyricism crash course I’m feeling like an old school teacher at the blackboards... it’s that raw! Chorus: (Repeat)
Daydream 03:38
Intro: I’m here, right? It’s what I’ve always dreamed about Chorus: I refuse to sit around this place and day (dream) gotta make a way, gotta make it more than a (dream) success is so close you can see it ain’t nobody else gone believe but ‘cause it’s your (dream) when you first got started it was all a (dream) when you take a look back it all started from a dream day... dream Verse one: I dream bigger than the city I reside in I keep sharing my vision but feel no one is listening my outlook on life I’m viewing through a wide lense but I’m surrounded by myopia and tunnel vision the theme music for their hunger should be violins their goals don’t extend further than their running distance begging and pleading repeatedly for a hundred listens can’t even balance a check book, trying to run a business I’m taking my show on the road for a new audience power up this locomotive, off to euphoria yes, I’m willing to rebuild it like New Orleans whatever’s necessary to find my true calling eventually it might lead me to a huge following and if it doesn’t then fuck it I’ll still move forward it’s possible for you and I to have the same dreams it’s all about how much you sacrifice and do for it Chorus: (Repeat) Verse two: I dream bigger than the city that I sleep in feels like I’m speeding and everyone’s in slow motion but when I try to show leadership and teach them they take it as I’m talking down on ‘em and showboating they’re still thinking if one local blows, doors will open it’s like a savior complex, who’ll be the cornucopia? it’s funny how these rappers lack a backbone their survival tactic is to piggyback and latch on (that’s wrong) I anted up the industry and mashed on only passion they have is filling up a glass bong (rolling up another blunt) that’s what they spend cash on in between tokes making half ass rap songs you gents, you don’t have a strategy or blueprint a bunch of fools running in place, that ain’t a movement I guess it’s cool you still dream in the true sense but I’m way beyond making music for my crew of friends Chorus: (Repeat) Verse three: I’m gone make this dream a reality, it’s troublesome and challenging battling criticism and irrational thoughts dealing with these unprofessional people teaches you lessons too the neighbors next to you, they show a lack of support but when you make it they’ll be waiting on your passing the torch they want collabos or you magically just grab ‘em for tours with no collateral, if not they wanna battle you that crabs in the barrel attitude is foolish, I use it as my fuel don’t pay me no attention, baby, I’m just passing through (hey) some of choose to take the scenic route or avenue (hey) it might not be fabulous or lead you to star status (but) when it’s your God given gift, you go hard at it (what!) so when them sisters are hissing and all them brothers laughing you let them view the future through their rose colored glasses screw the nonsense, you’ll accomplish great things no time on your schedule for you to daydream
Intro: After all these years, you would think I’d need no introduction, right? I had to reach back in the stash for this one. Bring back my man M-phazes. And you know how we do, yeah. Verse One: Supastition is a leader who survived when most of them peeps had wrote ‘em off a seasoned emcee, who lives and preaches the protocol who never seems to please the elitists or the know-it-alls but still got believers who witnessed and seen the bro involved the fans so in awe, it’s hard to tell if rappers are really fresh or you’re impressed with them lowered bars I spit the vocals hard, charged, never something subtle scream on these niggas like I’m M.O.P. or Bumpy Knuckles I’m indestructible, never accept the substitutes never respect the suckers ‘cause they get love in the public view don’t be a sheep to trends or CDs shipping listen for dope lyrics, man fuck the smoke and mirrors still got the flow down to a science like alchemy undoubtedly, may any harsh doubter north or south of me be hung from a balcony high enough for a crowd to see even without a beat, my skill levels out of reach I’m the man, my pregnant mama said to honor Kam the doctors saw the rap hands moving in my sonogram so take a bow, I ain’t talking ‘bout Madonna or Rihanna’s jam I’m talking ‘bout my rhyming, homie I’m a champ- -pion beyond these songs I unleash on my response be strong as the Viet Cong recon begone, ain’t no glamour and glitz or bright neon lights, I’m ‘bout to rise to new heights it won’t be too long Chorus: I’m doing big things now. No more amateur pay. Can’t none of y’all stand in my way. Right now I’m destructible (I’m indestructible) On my rise to the top, failure is not an option now that I’m hot there’s no stopping. I’m in destructible (I’m indestructible) Verse two: Roll out the red carpet, this thoroughbred artist rep hardest rap war vet, respect garnered like an ex-sergeant who once took direct orders from his headquarters all I need’s a metronome click to get started then I’ll transition from a writer to a sketch artist before I beg for stardom I’d rather just Brett Favre it hang up the jersey and cleats, I’ll stick to murdering beats and strip ‘em down to a skeleton like a dead carcass a lyricist’s spirit of hip hop I channel it only in death will you stand next to me with a candle lit the rhyme ruler, polish my mind like a fine jeweler in this regular season I’m unbeaten like Don Shula labels are standing in line hoping I sign to ‘em (they lose) I’m more like Grey Goose, they want a wine cooler something cheap and watered down that they can mass produce and won’t knock ‘em on their ass, laugh but that’s the truth their lapdogs and their same flawed nonsense I pass, dawg, I rap raw, I came, saw, conquered I fought for my acclaim, never paid for it never had to tap dance a day for it or needed a Drake chorus a major label is nothing more than a slave quarter your contracts get auctioned off to who they played golf with I could school but there ain’t enough tape for it you think I’d ever sell my soul, nigga wait for it? wait for it? Chorus: No more amateur pay. Can’t none of y’all stand in my way. Right now I’m destructible (I’m indestructible) On my rise to the top, failure is not an option now that I’m hot there’s no stopping. I’m in destructible (I’m indestructible)
Rejoice 03:15
Intro: I guess it’s time to answer that question that some of y’all been wondering. What really happened? Why I left the industry and all that. Let me just say it was more personal than business. And business wasn’t making it any better either. So I had to take a step back and get my life right. Let me explain. Verse one: Since we last spoke, I left you with a pessimistic attitude battered, bruised, learned rapper’s confidence ain’t shatter- proof Nowhere to channel all the disappointment that accrued self-imposed exile, 3 year sabbatical not that it matters to you, you found music elsewhere I found a 9 to 5, survived a couple of health scares I never questioned why all my records were selling average I was only caring about repairing my failing marriage and being a better husband after all them European tours it wasn’t worth all of the personal drama she endured we became best friends, I dealt with depression accepted that my passion should never be my profession that’s based on how my personality functions (and the Williams) I found a better way to balance ‘em monthly no surprise that most of fans are out of the country I make music on the side, that’s how I live comfortably now Chorus: I’m back to doing what I love now, Im back to fight another round. So forever more, all hail your boy and the let world rejoice, now sing it out loud I’m back to doing what I love now, Im back to fight another round. So forever more, all hail your boy and the let world rejoice. Verse two: There’s been some humbling moments within this musical biz when your name’s finally growing but no foods in the fridge they scream “hell yeah, you ripping it” but I didn’t have no Bel-Air wealth here, it was closer to a welfare recipient the underground they always take pride in being rebellious they champion the underdogs, applaud the failures it’s hard to tell when your personal life takes a nosedive when four, five hundred or thousand are at your shows live face problems? no, we rap away our lives only way to escape is a Donny Hathaway demise so I thought it was wise to leave, strengthen me mentally my life was hitting rock bottom, partner, fuck an industry don’t riddle me with talk about publicity stunts check my history, when I been known to visibly front? all these record companies crumbling, yo it would be dunce I love hip hop, I guess I just missed it for once. you understand, right? Chorus: (Repeat) Outro: Ayo, your man Supastition, he gone rock, rock and all the fans listening, they gone rock rock you know it’s magnificent they way we rock rock come on, worldwide, stateside, we keep the place live yeah, Veterano, he gone rock rock and North Carolina, yeah, they gone rock rock we gone turn my home state into a hot spot come on, worldwide, stateside, we keep the place live, live, live
Verse one: When I woke up today I felt incredibly refreshed feeling more blessed than ever with no head full of stress I was comfortable but calm in my warm spot didn’t even abuse the snooze button on my alarm clock sun’s shining through the burgundy drapes my lady wasn’t next to me, I guess she’s working today I’m accustomed to looking her in the face at 7 AM one particular person you see day out and day in anyway, I felt like this day may never come again I need breakfast I heard my stomach rumbling no stumbling, I jumped out of bed in my boxers my mission’s to the kitchen for that leftover pasta but stopped in my tracks in the middle of my living room I saw my girl curled up crying, looking pitiful surrounded by a room full of trash bags and living boxes I started thinking ‘bout the dirt that I’ve been doing (ah shit!) I must be busted, I tried to ask her what’s wrong she wouldn’t even look in my direction, no discussion was it some romance with one of them fucking tramps? or last night did I go on one of my drunken rants? I said “fine. you wanna treat me like I’m not here and act like you can’t answer a question? fuck if I care!” the best thing to do in this situation is leave home but quickly noticed both my smartphone and my keys gone “yo! where the hell are my keys?” but still she ignored fuck it, I’m walking up to the corner Korean store for a bag of chips and coconut juice to clear my mind and give us time that both of us can use the stores close to my crib, a few feet at least but the store owners they be peeping me repeatedly I walked in, no “buzzer” (niggas), nobody greeted me for once they ain’t treat me like I was scheming on thievery I grabbed a bag of Sun Chips and proceeded to the counter this jerk of a clerk looked at my items dumbfounded then snatched it off the counter yelling in some native fast talk I said “I’m never coming back in here. That was the last straw!” what a shitty day it’s been thus far man, this can’t be the type of day I woke up for I hopped on the city transit, today’s pretty frantic it started sublime then declined, don’t understand it, man the only place to find peace, the only better choice to seek solace is the vinyl and the record store plus that Brother Ali record I’m checking for the atmosphere felt different when I stepped through the door the music was low and it’s hard to hear the record store, yo it was like a graveyard in there I stepped outside wondering how could this day have gone wrong but then a Chevy passed by with my song on the local radio station they had my song on that’s when I knew something was horribly wrong, homes ‘cause they don’t play no local music if it’s homegrown a motherfucker gotta be dead or long gone, shot up or murdered? wait... what! I jetted back in the store, I’m searching for the Charlotte Observer feeling faint, nauseous, and nervous no wonder why nobody even noticed me, paid attention, or turn heads I started panicking as I was thinking back again stiff as a mannequin like “yo, this can’t be happening” picked up the paper and the caption read after my name in bold black lettering... local rapper slain. damn
Yada Yada 03:16
Verse one: It’s the return of your recurring nightmare southern messiah who only rock the flyest Nike Airs industry black sheep trying to fight being typecast screaming NC ‘til they put me in that white casket it’s the day of reckoning, I’m the wrecking ball when the record spins since the ?uest recommend, I’ve counted consecutive wins been in so many cities you would think I teleport keep fans eyes bulging out like Tracee Ellis Ross read between the lines, I define unsung continue to son dumb n*ggas ‘til the funds come and anybody trying to stop the agenda will see I got a hotter temper than a mafia member I rapped alongside Crooked I, Phonte, Elzhi they look at I, reply “he’s no Kanye sales-wise” keep it one hundred when others respond and tell lies I’m humble, keep my head screwed on and held high I never let the fame command me, I’ve seen it turn righteous n*ggas into Amos and Andy, jigaboos hip hop’s my humble abode, I treat it like royalty but these youngs boys, they be pissing all on the toilet seats disrespecting legends, someone call the board of ethics these dudes 1⁄4 skill and three quarters reckless yelling ‘bout the legendary, legend what! you don’t even measure up to the Kanes and the Lord Finesses Now everybody screaming they the king, yada yada they making outlandish claims and nobody’s bothered tell them fools stay in their lane, they out of order don’t make me grab one of these young lames by the collar Before you ever spend money on anybody’s product find out if they’re about integrity or ‘bout a dollar somebody gotta tell it like it is so Mr. Moye came back to kill the villains and fill in the missing void sorry to disappoint those who didn’t miss the voice continue ignoring me like normally there is a choice let the rest rejoice.... (crowd cheers) never test your boy, I keep liquid swords in my reservoir metaphors, similes, double entendres the bars stay consistent as the Baltimore crime rate slaughtering beats when I record report ‘em deceased f*ck a critic, skins thicker than a Nautica fleece got your girl on all fours, how about some hardcore like a horny Nautica Thorn in a porno release got her performing for me while you wasting time in the studio pretending to be some kind of king in a Coogi robe I undress beautiful ladies without the loot to show quicker than a 60’s hippie can have a doobie rolled ask me to do a show, you better have the show deposit or point promoters to the exit with the door revolving now you can say it’s good promotion for me, yada yada and this gone put me in the ranks with the hottest artists but before I am a rapper, I’m somebody’s father and you always get what you paid for.... nada nada... yada yada.... the yada yada... It’s still Supastition, n*gga!
Expectations 03:29
Intro: Man, sometimes when you ask for the most basic things. It’s almost like you’re asking for too much. Is it really a crime to ask for good music, good women, good friends? Sometimes you don’t wanna settle for less.. you just want what you want. Nothing more, nothing less. Verse one: The other day I heard a song from my favorite group shameful, how they were basically chasing loot they replaced all the sample-based breaks and loops with cheap keyboard beats, it was disgraceful dude I had to face the truth.. it ain’t the 90’s brothers were grimey touch acts to follow I tried listening but all my favorite rappers they made a transition into acting and fashion models damn! who ain’t trying to be Denzel? who just wanna express the music within self? who wanna be a true musician? see a few fists in the air screaming “yeah” from the few dudes listening. artists who were truly cherished are now perishing the ones left are generic embarrassments that ain’t arrogance, yo I’m speaking as a fan anybody with a decent pair of speakers understands I just wanna hear a lyricist killing it, period he ain’t gotta change fucking lives man, I’m serious... dope rhymes over sick production is all I really ask for cut and dry Chorus: Give me something I feel, good music is all I ask for Something authentic, genuine, real. That’s all I really need, I won’t ask for more As long as I just get the basics, that’s just my expectations That’s just my, that’s just my, that’s just my expectations Verse two: The other night I was talking to a female associate openly and honestly ‘cause we’re real and closely knit we discussed how relationships falter and how some of our friends have raced to the alter she glanced down at the ring on my hand and asked “Supa, would you wanna be single again” I said some of these girls, they forgot what being ladies means I rather be shot than be back on the dating scene she heard my answer and laughed, I replied what chance do I have when they’re lacking the basic things taking pics with their hands on their ass dressed scantily clad. that’s the woman that I make my queen? I guess I’m just an old school graduate that admits a certain way of thinking is inadequate That ain’t the wavelength I function on I’m not impressed with how many pair of Dunks you on I’m not impressed with your measurements I’m not impressed with you in a flick kissing your girl pretending to be lesbian I’m not impressed with how many superstars tweeted you or what you do in bed, let’s keep it between me and you I don’t mean to sound condescending, I’m just telling you my kind of women, that’s my personal right. nothing unbecoming, I just want a humble woman who loves God.. and her personal life but it is too much to ask? Chorus: Give something I feel, a true woman is all I ask for. Something authentic, genuine, real. That’s all I really need, I won’t ask for more As long as I just get the basics, that’s just my expectations That’s just my, that’s just my, that’s just my expectations
Intro: So with us, we must be beneficial to those who have befriended us. Or those whom we have allowed to befriend. If they are making a mistake, it is our duty to tell them that you are going wrong here. And if we don’t tell them... we are going to be making an even bigger mistake. We are going to be responsible. Chorus (by Dominique): If I could change anything in life I would try to make things right No drama, no war, no fights. I would make it a perfect world. Verse one: My life’s been a series of tough lessons mistakes, misfortunes, victories, successes couple of masterpieces, couple of rough sketches eye opening moments that altered my perspective cause when the music ends, I discovered what a true friend is it’s not your fans, record label, or your crew members it’s the friends with no agendas or minor plots who still keep in contact whether you rhyme or not whether you’re signed or not, whether your last album kindly flopped or it’s still on Billboard climbing spots yes indeed it hurts when you see people in spurts homies disappear then reappear when you need a verse. when my daughter was hospitalized for a month do you think a member of my old crew called once? but when they heard I was returning with some new music they sent so many messages. I’m through with you losers that’s the way a brothers treated by his own fam? I’m through with trying to work it out, I’m through with phone rants I’m reprogrammed, a different Kam I applaud you as a rapper but fuck you as a grown man. your records out, they wanna reconcile and do tours I got a family, what the hell I need a crew for? to me it doesn’t hold much significance maybe we can just discuss our differences... in a perfect world Chorus: If I could change anything in life I would try to make things right No drama, no war, no fights. I would make it a perfect world. Verse two: There’s a lot of things I gotta accept to be in this business weighing pros and cons like a soldier re-enlisting while I was gone, so called friends treated me different maybe for me to see it I truly needed the distance I left the game fed up. I couldn’t tell you the whereabouts of names that I shouted out on Chain Letters that small scale fam was more than I had bargained for seeing industry friends walk through revolving doors seeing some producers that you helped build a buzz treat you like a peasant the second they start feeling loved I guess it’s just a reminder to me how real it was fame will make a humble man feel godly when I was on the rise, they was with me, beside me but stopped speaking when they reached the 50’s and Kweli’s I’m still standing even when they abandoned the lesser known but personally I just felt like a stepping stone and they won’t give a damn about it ‘til the wealth is gone I humble myself and tell ‘em “thanks for helping, homes” ‘cause regardless I’m an artist with a platform when former friends see success I still clap for ‘em I speak freely with no fear of being blackballed ‘cause if it ain’t God then whose permission do I ask for? the truth hurts when the words are thorough you take offense? we can make amends... maybe in a perfect world Chorus: (Repeat)


The critically acclaimed 10-song project from North Carolina's Supastition. The Blackboard marked Supastition's return to music after a 3 year sabbatical away from the music industry. Originally released as a free digital EP, this is the Deluxe Edition digipak which contains two previously unreleased tracks.

The project features the critically acclaimed, Yada Yada, the conceptual Best Worst Day, and the boom bap inspired “Indestructible”. The only guest appearances on The Blackboard EP are the DJ duo, Faust & Shortee, and German-based vocalist Dominique. Production on the EP is handled by longtime producers Marco Polo, M-phazes, Veterano, the Mighty DR, and Croup as well as Rik Marvel, Microphono and Dirty Art Club.


released May 21, 2013

1. The Blackboard ft. Faust & Shortee (Prod. by Rik Marvel)
2. Daydream (Prod. by Veterano)
3. Indestructible ft. Faust & Shortee (Prod. by M-Phazes)
4. Rejoice (Prod. by Veterano)
5. Best Worst Day (Prod. by Dirty Art Club)
6. Yada Yada (Prod. by Marco Polo)
7. Expectations (Prod. by The Mighty DR)
8. Perfect World ft. Dominique (Prod. by Croup)
9. Outcome (Prod. by Microphono) *
10. Don't Care Anymore (Prod. by Rik Marvel) *

*Bonus Tracks
Executive Producer: Kam Moye & Graig 'Sav' Stanton

Lyrics by K. Moye (Spit Junkies Music/BMI)
Artwork by Jasper Staal Graphic Design & Illustration. cargocollective.com/jasperstaal


all rights reserved



Supastition Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, NC
Reform School Music

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