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After abruptly leaving the music business for a few years, I felt the need to briefly explain why to those who were wondering. I had reached a low point in my life where I was dealing with severe depression, marital problems, and deeper family issues. There were days when I woke up and didn’t speak to anyone at all. I had tried to use music as a scapegoat for my own personal flaws. Then one day , my family and I received an eviction notice on the door the same day that I saw my entire discography being given away for free on a blog. I was close to going over the edge already but that moment I realized that I needed to step away from everything and accept reality. My boy, Veterano, was one of the few people who stayed in touch with me throughout everything that I went through. It was only right that he produce the track that I addressed everything. I have no interest in doing music full-time again but I still have the urge and passion to create music and speak my mind. That’s how I live comfortably and not have to stress on whether I will make enough from music to pay my bills.


I guess it’s time to answer that question that some of y’all been wondering.
What really happened? Why I left the industry and all that. Let me just say it was more personal than business.
And business wasn’t making it any better either.
So I had to take a step back and get my life right. Let me explain.

Verse one:
Since we last spoke, I left you with a pessimistic attitude battered, bruised, learned rapper’s confidence ain’t shatter- proof
Nowhere to channel all the disappointment that accrued self-imposed exile, 3 year sabbatical
not that it matters to you, you found music elsewhere
I found a 9 to 5, survived a couple of health scares
I never questioned why all my records were selling average I was only caring about repairing my failing marriage
and being a better husband after all them European tours
it wasn’t worth all of the personal drama she endured
we became best friends, I dealt with depression
accepted that my passion should never be my profession that’s based on how my personality functions
(and the Williams) I found a better way to balance ‘em monthly
no surprise that most of fans are out of the country
I make music on the side, that’s how I live comfortably now

I’m back to doing what I love now, Im back to fight another round.
So forever more, all hail your boy and the let world rejoice, now sing it out loud
I’m back to doing what I love now, Im back to fight another round.
So forever more, all hail your boy and the let world rejoice.

Verse two:
There’s been some humbling moments within this musical biz
when your name’s finally growing but no foods in the fridge they scream “hell yeah, you ripping it”
but I didn’t have no Bel-Air wealth here, it was closer to a welfare recipient
the underground they always take pride in being rebellious they champion the underdogs, applaud the failures
it’s hard to tell when your personal life takes a nosedive when four, five hundred or thousand are at your shows live face problems? no, we rap away our lives
only way to escape is a Donny Hathaway demise
so I thought it was wise to leave, strengthen me mentally my life was hitting rock bottom, partner, fuck an industry don’t riddle me with talk about publicity stunts
check my history, when I been known to visibly front?
all these record companies crumbling, yo it would be dunce I love hip hop, I guess I just missed it for once. you understand, right?

Chorus: (Repeat)

Ayo, your man Supastition, he gone rock, rock
and all the fans listening, they gone rock rock
you know it’s magnificent they way we rock rock come on, worldwide, stateside, we keep the place live yeah, Veterano, he gone rock rock
and North Carolina, yeah, they gone rock rock
we gone turn my home state into a hot spot
come on, worldwide, stateside, we keep the place live, live, live


from The Blackboard (Deluxe Edition), released May 21, 2013
Written by K. Moye, E. Osborne
Published by Spit Junkies Music (BMI)
Produced by Veterano
Mixed by Johnny Madwreck at the Wreck Center


all rights reserved



Supastition Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, NC
Reform School Music

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