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I was inspired to write this song after attending a couple of hip hop shows in Charlotte where the energy was just off or there was nobody in the crowd. I would always get asked by NC artists about how to improve the scene or how they could move forward. I realized that some people only want to be famous by their peers and locally. Naturally, I think I’ve always focused outside of North Carolina and wanted a little more than that for myself.


I’m here, right? It’s what I’ve always dreamed about

I refuse to sit around this place and day (dream)
gotta make a way, gotta make it more than a (dream) success is so close you can see it
ain’t nobody else gone believe but ‘cause it’s your (dream) when you first got started it was all a (dream)
when you take a look back it all started from a dream day... dream

Verse one:
I dream bigger than the city I reside in
I keep sharing my vision but feel no one is listening
my outlook on life I’m viewing through a wide lense
but I’m surrounded by myopia and tunnel vision
the theme music for their hunger should be violins
their goals don’t extend further than their running distance begging and pleading repeatedly for a hundred listens can’t even balance a check book, trying to run a business I’m taking my show on the road for a new audience
power up this locomotive, off to euphoria
yes, I’m willing to rebuild it like New Orleans
whatever’s necessary to find my true calling
eventually it might lead me to a huge following
and if it doesn’t then fuck it I’ll still move forward
it’s possible for you and I to have the same dreams
it’s all about how much you sacrifice and do for it

Chorus: (Repeat)

Verse two:
I dream bigger than the city that I sleep in
feels like I’m speeding and everyone’s in slow motion but when I try to show leadership and teach them
they take it as I’m talking down on ‘em and showboating they’re still thinking if one local blows, doors will open it’s like a savior complex, who’ll be the cornucopia?
it’s funny how these rappers lack a backbone
their survival tactic is to piggyback and latch on
(that’s wrong) I anted up the industry and mashed on only passion they have is filling up a glass bong
(rolling up another blunt) that’s what they spend cash on in between tokes making half ass rap songs
you gents, you don’t have a strategy or blueprint
a bunch of fools running in place, that ain’t a movement I guess it’s cool you still dream in the true sense
but I’m way beyond making music for my crew of friends

Chorus: (Repeat)

Verse three:
I’m gone make this dream a reality, it’s troublesome and challenging
battling criticism and irrational thoughts
dealing with these unprofessional people teaches you lessons too the neighbors next to you, they show a lack of support
but when you make it they’ll be waiting on your passing the torch they want collabos or you magically just grab ‘em for tours
with no collateral, if not they wanna battle you
that crabs in the barrel attitude is foolish, I use it as my fuel
don’t pay me no attention, baby, I’m just passing through (hey) some of choose to take the scenic route or avenue (hey)
it might not be fabulous or lead you to star status (but)
when it’s your God given gift, you go hard at it (what!)
so when them sisters are hissing and all them brothers laughing you let them view the future through their rose colored glasses screw the nonsense, you’ll accomplish great things
no time on your schedule for you to daydream


from The Blackboard (Deluxe Edition), released May 21, 2013
Written by K. Moye, E. Osborne
Published by Spit Junkies Music (BMI)
Produced by Veterano
Mixed by Johnny Madwreck at the Wreck Center


all rights reserved



Supastition Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, NC
Reform School Music

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