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This was actually the last track recorded for the original EP. I had another track planned to start off the project but Rik Marvel sent this beat about two weeks before I finished the project. I was so blown away by the instrumental that I bumped a track off of the EP just to use this one. This is pure boom bap rawness! I’m really not into recording intros for albums anymore so I usually try to make the first song super energetic.

After I found out that DJ Premier played ‘Yada Yada’ on his radio show, I decided to record my unofficial tribute to my favorite group of all-time, Gang Starr. It’s definitely inspired by them. I sent a bunch of vocal samples to Faust & Shortee for a scratch hook thinking they’d use maybe one or two of them. They somehow used almost every one of them and still made it work. That’s a REAL DJ!!!


(We welcome to the stage at this time... the wonderful)
It’s Supastition. I’m back on my 1,2 yo.. to show you how this emcee shit goes
I gotta school these fools, man. Y’all got me feeling hungry again... and back in my zone.
This one’s for NC. Rik Marvel, let’s rock.

Verse one:
I’m gone start it off with a dangerous intro
no better way to get you reacquainted with your kinfolk
it’s something dope to bump in your residential
and perfect timing, ‘cause the music industry’s been slow I’m at the blackboard trying to move back towards
that golden season, the reason I used to rap for
I’m warming up, I ain’t get loose in a minute
I run the new and old school, I’m like the superintendant
I hope my talent trickles down to future Supa descendants I never had to act a fool just for boosting my image
I’m so official, gone blow in this bitch like match lit fuel you spit bull over beats more fit for Pitbull
let’s get it straight my mark in the game’s already
I’m marvelous, you couldn’t carve a niche with a machete blade
I’m steady played by DJs who carry heavy crates
in every state, they recognize dope I’m just a better grade the love is unanimous, no amateur shenanigans
for song listens, I see long distance as a Canon lense
or Nikon, I’m rap’s lifelong icon...
if you ain’t digging Supa, you ain’t heard me on the right song
like Guru told us, man it’s mostly the voice
so I’m the posterboy for dope shit the culture enjoys
I’m co-sign by the greatest plus local endorsed
now who’s Carolina’s illest? this ain’t multiple choice... it’s Supastition

(scratched by DJ Faust and DJ Shortee)
“I was blessed with the talent”
“classics, backseat banging ass Blackboard hip hop” “I’m at the blackboard” “I speak from the soul”
“take the world by storm”
“I was blessed with the talent”
“classics, backseat banging ass Blackboard hip hop” “class is in session” “I speak from the soul”
“take the world by storm”

Verse two:
I’m so sharp, I sets it off so fresh of course
like Joe Clark, teaching lessons with excessive force
I’m professor Moye, speak with an aggressive voice
watch the room clap for this boom bap refresher course these corny industry fools tried to section us off
I’mma fill up their swimming pools with electrical cords
for shock value... I’ll beat the Pac out of you
and ‘father whoop’ niggas in boxers and old house shoes you ain’t rowdy at all, you’re just loud and mouthing off
only talk about it, bath towel soft as Pau Gasol
blow the powder off these rappers stuck in infancy.
short temper? me? I come back with a fucking infantry
I’m deadly as the weaponry that a regime brings
so if my words were bullets then I would pull it
from a hundred miles away and still hit a spot on your jean seams
or shoot the soul patch off of Bruce Springsteen
so hats off to the rap boss from Greenville
from shows to passports, everything seems filled
a handsome fella, hell I’m known to make the queens squeal ironically they wanna marry me just off my single
my supreme skills always get support on wax
I stand behind every offensive line like quarterbacks
this is sort of that lyricism crash course
I’m feeling like an old school teacher at the blackboards... it’s that raw!

Chorus: (Repeat)


from The Blackboard (Deluxe Edition), released May 21, 2013
Written by K. Moye, R. Moore
Published by Spit Junkies Music (BMI),
Arabella Musikverlag GmbH /Universal Music Publishing
Produced by Rik Marvel for Large Minded Muzik
Scratches by Faust & Shortee
Mixed by Johnny Madwreck at the Wreck Center
Blackboard interlude composed by Supastition.


all rights reserved



Supastition Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, NC
Reform School Music

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