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If there could be a sequel to Fountain of Youth, this would be the song. As I grow older, I try to accept that things will never be the same as they were in my younger days. ‘Expectations’ is about knowing exactly what you want and not settling for less. It could be music, work, love, life, etc... My homie DR gave me this beat a few years back but I wasn’t actively recording at the time. Once I felt inspired to write again, this was the track that I decided to write to balance out the Blackboard. I sent Shylow the vocal samples for the scratches and he blessed me with a dope outro.


Man, sometimes when you ask for the most basic things. It’s almost like you’re asking for too much. Is it really a crime to ask for good music, good women, good friends? Sometimes you don’t wanna settle for less.. you just want what you want. Nothing more, nothing less.

Verse one:
The other day I heard a song from my favorite group shameful, how they were basically chasing loot
they replaced all the sample-based breaks and loops with cheap keyboard beats, it was disgraceful dude
I had to face the truth.. it ain’t the 90’s
brothers were grimey touch acts to follow
I tried listening but all my favorite rappers
they made a transition into acting and fashion models damn! who ain’t trying to be Denzel?
who just wanna express the music within self?
who wanna be a true musician? see a few fists in
the air screaming “yeah” from the few dudes listening. artists who were truly cherished are now perishing the ones left are generic embarrassments
that ain’t arrogance, yo I’m speaking as a fan anybody with a decent pair of speakers understands
I just wanna hear a lyricist killing it, period
he ain’t gotta change fucking lives
man, I’m serious... dope rhymes over sick production is all I really ask for cut and dry

Give me something I feel, good music is all I ask for Something authentic, genuine, real.
That’s all I really need, I won’t ask for more
As long as I just get the basics, that’s just my expectations That’s just my, that’s just my, that’s just my expectations

Verse two:
The other night I was talking to a female associate openly and honestly ‘cause we’re real and closely knit we discussed how relationships falter
and how some of our friends have raced to the alter she glanced down at the ring on my hand
and asked “Supa, would you wanna be single again”
I said some of these girls, they forgot what being ladies means
I rather be shot than be back on the dating scene
she heard my answer and laughed, I replied
what chance do I have when they’re lacking the basic things taking pics with their hands on their ass
dressed scantily clad. that’s the woman that I make my queen?
I guess I’m just an old school graduate that admits
a certain way of thinking is inadequate
That ain’t the wavelength I function on
I’m not impressed with how many pair of Dunks you on
I’m not impressed with your measurements
I’m not impressed with you in a flick kissing your girl pretending to be lesbian
I’m not impressed with how many superstars tweeted you
or what you do in bed, let’s keep it between me and you
I don’t mean to sound condescending, I’m just telling you my kind of women, that’s my personal right.
nothing unbecoming, I just want a humble woman
who loves God.. and her personal life but it is too much to ask?

Give something I feel, a true woman is all I ask for. Something authentic, genuine, real.
That’s all I really need, I won’t ask for more
As long as I just get the basics, that’s just my expectations That’s just my, that’s just my, that’s just my expectations


from The Blackboard (Deluxe Edition), released May 21, 2013
Written by K. Moye, D. Mayfield
Published by Spit Junkies Music (BMI), Au Naturale Music(ASCAP)
Produced by The Mighty DR
Scratches by Shylow
Mixed by Johnny Madwreck at the Wreck Center


all rights reserved



Supastition Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, NC
Reform School Music

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